Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Opening a Pages Document on a Windows Computer

Here’s a workaround…. if you are on a Windows computer (at home or at work) and receive a Pages document that you wish to open.  (Note: this works for Keynote and Numbers files, as well.)

The newer versions of iWorks files (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) are actually archives containing a number of files. You can view those files if you change the extension of the Pages file from .pages to .zip.

You can then unzip the file and view its contents. It will contain a QuickLook folder (which, logically enough, contains files required by Mac OS X's Quick Look utility). If you open up that QuickLook folder, you'll see a file named Preview.pdf, which is a PDF version of your Pages document. As a Windows user you won’t be able to edit that file without a PDF editor, but you can read it and print it just fine.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Testing with iPads....email from 4th Grade Teacher KC

*First of all, Ipad use has gone really well if the bellow is followed.  No issues of being kicked off at all and of course because they are new there is no battery life issue.  Maybe we should be refreshed on the best use of the Ipads for battery life so everyone is making sure they are doing what is best for the battery life during regular classroom use.
Make sure the volume is on and where students want it before signing in
All students need ear buds and they should be tested and plugged in before setting the guided access.
Make sure students have the kickstand on the side of the ipad that DOES NOT have the sound button because as they sign in it can adjust the sound without them knowing or put it on mute.  (Once you start guided access you cannot adjust the sound.)
Have them go to the sign on page but don’t have them sign up yet
Click 3x on the home and at the top of the screen it will say Guided Access, click on start.  This will lock the students into this site and they will not be able to go out.  You can have them click 3 times and usually the first time it is started no password is needed.  However, after the first time starting guidied access you will need the pass code for on and off.  If you need to get them out because of volume, etc.  you will need to click the home button 3x again and use the code xxxx.  DO NOT let any student see the code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If it does not type with the keyboard have them double click in the box and it will usually start typing. 
FYI after fixed session one (which was 44 questions) my reliable students were only half way after 40 minutes.
ALL staff (office, nurse, etc.) need to be told when we are testing so they are not calling to the room for students or black cooler bags.
All students need ear buds and they should be tested and plugged in before setting the guided access.
Very light grey dotted lines form boxes around some words.  If students click on that a glossary pops up and gives the students a synonym for that word or a meaning.