Monday, January 31, 2011

How to Clean Your SmartBoard

Use standard window cleaner WITHOUT ammonia or alcohol.   Spray a soft cloth and then wipe the board. Never spray the board.  This should keep your board in good working condition.  Another alternative is Windex Wipes.

How to remove permanent marker from your SmartBoard:

You have two Options:

1. Use a Commercial Cleaner such as Sanford EXPO Whiteboard Cleaner. Spray a soft cloth, then cover permanent ink stain. Allow solution to dry, then wipe off with a soft cloth.

2. Use a standard or HIGH odor dry erase marker. These markers contain solvents that remove permanent ink. Do not use LOW odor or non-scented dry erase markers.  They do not contain the appropriate solvents.  Cover the permanent ink stain with the HIGH odor dry erase ink.  While the HIGH odor ink is still wet, wipe the board with a soft cloth.  Do not allow the ink to dry.  If any ink remains, spray Windex glass cleaner (without ammonia or alcohol) or Sanford EXPO Whiteboard Cleaner on a soft cloth and then wipe off remaining ink marks.  Do not use harsh abrasives because they can damage the writing surface.

Keep permanent markers away from your SmartBoard!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

eSchool and eSchoolPlus Passwords and Requirements

The rules for Passwords are:

1. At least eight characters long.
2. At least one capital letter.
3. At least one small letter.
4. At least one numeral.
5. No two letters next to each other in the password that are in your login that begins with “cph.”  (e.g. If you login is cphwcordrey, you cannot use Cobalt123, Dreadlocks245, Reader492, Organ391, etc. as passwords because they contain two letters next to each other that are also in the login).
6. OPTIONALLY, you may use any of the characters on the top row of numeral keys above the numerals and you may also use the underscore symbol on the hyphen key.

The rules for Browser Requirements are:

eSchoolPlus v3.1
Teacher Access Center and Home Access Center
Internet Explorer -  9 or 10
Firefox - latest 5 versions
Savari - 5.1.7
Chrome - latest 5 versions

eSchoolPlus v 4.0
All Browsers
All Devices